2018 marks the 100th birth anniversary of the "father of modern South Africa", Nelson Mandela. Known affectionately to South Africans as "Madiba" (his traditional Xhosa clan name) as a sign of affection and respect, Mandela was the icon of anti-apartheid and the first black president of South Africa. It will be an extraordinarily meaningful time to visit South Africa this year, to follow in Madiba's footsteps and look back at this great man's life which was characterized by hardship, persistence, and glory.


库怒 | Qunu


Located in the Eastern Cape Province, Qunu is a small village where the Xhosa people have lived for generations. Mandela had a happy childhood in Qunu, as recalled by himself in his memoir, "Some of the happiest years of my boyhood were spent in Qunu." In 1990’s, after 27 years of imprisonment, Nelson went back to Qunu, where he spent his peaceful twilight years after his retirement.



Located between the Kei River and the Natal border, Qunu boasts beautiful scenery with the Drakensberg to its North, and rolling hills and sweeping grasslands. The village still maintains the tomb of Nelson's mother and the site of young Nelson Mandela's primary school. The Nelson Mandela Museum is also built here and open to the public for free, offering visitors an inspiring journey through the life of the remarkable Nelson Mandela.


约翰内斯堡 | Johannesburg


South Africa had been under the shadow of apartheid from 1948 to 1994, until Nelson Mandela led the African National Congress (ANC) to defeat apartheid through persuasion and reconciliation; he was elected as the first black president in 1994. The Apartheid Museum was established in memory of the difficult fight lasting 50 years, to help people learn about the oppressive past, and to commemorate the extraordinary contribution from Nelson Mandela to the freedom and equity of South Africa.


Located in the suburb of Braamfontein, Constitution Hill overlooks the splendid glamour of Johannesburg. The Constitution Hill, which is now home to the Constitutional Court, the biggest human rights library in the southern hemisphere and the renowned gallery with collections from famous South African artists, this used to be a prison and military fort, where the Indian sage hero Mahatma Gandhi and Nelson Mandela were imprisoned. "A nation should not be judged by how it treats its highest citizens, but its lowest ones." – A quote from Mandela's bibliography is engraved on a door of a corridor of the Constitutional Court.

罗本岛 | Robben Island


The prison on Robben Island is the most well-known site about regarding apartheid in South Africa, where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 18 years. Surrounded by torrents on all sides, Robben Island was the perfect place to keep prisoners isolated. Nowadays, Robben Island is a public museum, showing visitors its infamous history which started hundreds of years ago.


From the rural tranquility to the splendor of mountains, from Cape Town all the way up to Johannesburg, from the past to present, you may get inspiration from this unique journey through history. Come and explore the glamour of the Rainbow Nation by following in the footsteps of Nelson Mandela in 2018!