Meetings Africa 2024 concludes with great success:

A new era for the industry with impressive results in co-operation and sustainable development

2024年非洲国际会议展览圆满落幕 促进合作与可持续发展新篇章

Meetings Africa 2024 concludes a new chapter in the promotion of cooperation and sustainable development

2024年非洲国际会议展览(Meetings Africa 2024)在约翰内斯堡桑顿会议中心成功落下帷幕,来自22个非洲国家的380多家参展公司齐聚一堂,共襄盛举。本次展会不仅巩固了非洲作为会展旅游(MICE)领域首要商务活动目的地的地位,更在促进合作与可持续发展方面迈出了坚实的步伐。

Meetings Africa 2024 concluded successfully at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, bringing together more than 380 exhibiting companies from 22 African countries. The show not only strengthen Africa’s position as a premier business events destination within the MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) sector, but also made solid strides in promoting co-operation and sustainable development.

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The three-day trade show concluded successfully on 28 February, with frequent interactions between participants and fruitful trade results. Industry trends, including sustainable tourism, artificial intelligence (AI), and continuous sector professionalisation, were prominent themes at Meetings Africa 2024, providing attendees with a wealth of industry insights and development opportunities.

新参展商对本次展会的组织工作和丰富前景赞不绝口。来自赞比亚的Willch Travel and Tours公司的Paul Chibwe表示,此次参展不仅满足了公司的预期,更超出了预期,展会的组织无可挑剔,为建立联系、交流思想和观点创造了良好的环境。科特迪瓦Mangalis集团酒店商务总监Baityr Diaw也表达了类似的感受,他认为此次参展经历令人惊叹,与未来合作伙伴建立了重要关系。

Newcomers raved about the event’s professionalism and rich future prospects. Paul Chibwe of Willch Travel and Tours from Zambia said that the event not only met but exceeded his company's expectations and was impeccably organised, fostering a conducive environment for networking and exchanging thoughts and ideas. Similar sentiments were expressed by Baityr Diaw, Commercial Director for the Mangalis Group of hotels (Côte d’Ivoire), who said that the experience was amazing and that important relationships were established with future partners.

对于多次参展的与会者而言,本次展会同样充满惊喜。南非女商人Lihle Mahlangu表示,她通过此次展会看到了未来的美好前景。这些新老参展者的积极反馈,进一步印证了非洲国际会议展览作为建立联系、专业发展和展示非洲旅游业多样化产品的重要平台的地位。

The show was also full of surprises for returning participants. Lihle Mahlangu, a South African businesswoman, said she saw a bright future through the show. With positive feedback from newcomers and returning participants, Meetings Africa 2024 cemented its role as a valuable platform for networking, professional development, and showcasing the diverse offerings of the African tourism industry.

2024年非洲国际会议展览教育活动 Educational programme of Meetings Africa 2024

南非旅游部副部长Fish Mahlalela在展会的教育活动中强调了非洲国际会议展览在旅游业知识交流和创新方面的重要作用。他提到,展会已发展成为一个重要平台,促进了买家和参展商之间的重要联系。他进一步强调了知识交流作为创新、合作和技能发展驱动力的本质,并倡导将非洲大陆描绘成一个在全球舞台上充满生机和活力的角色。

South Africa’s Tourism Deputy Minister Fish Mahlalela emphasised Meetings Africa’s vital role in knowledge exchange and innovation within tourism. He highlighted the event’s evolution as a premier platform, fostering crucial connections between buyers and exhibitors. He underlined the essence of knowledge exchange as a driver for innovation, collaboration, and skills development and advocated for the portrayal of the continent as a vibrant and dynamic player on the global stage.

南非旅游局首席执行官Nombulelo Guliwe宣布与活动绿化论坛(EGF)建立合作伙伴关系,对展览的绿化措施进行评估,体现了南非旅游局对可持续发展的坚定承诺。此外,非洲国际会议展览公司还设立了可持续发展村,展示当地生产的促进经济可持续发展和环境责任的产品,进一步彰显了展会在推动可持续发展方面的积极作用。

South African Tourism’s commitment to sustainability shone through South African Tourism CEO Nombulelo Guliwe, who announced a partnership with the Event Greening Forum (EGF) to assess the exhibition’s greening initiatives. This commitment extends beyond individual actions, as Meetings Africa features the Sustainability Village, showcasing locally produced goods fostering economic sustainability and environmental responsibility.

2024年非洲国际会议展览可持续发展村  Sustainability Village for Meetings Africa 2024


Meetings Africa 2024 delivers remarkable results: record numbers of participants, companies and buyers

2024年非洲国际会议展览商业机会交流日  BONDay at Meetings Africa 2024


In terms of numbers, this Africa International Conference also achieved remarkable success. Compared to 2023, 2024 saw a significant increase in the number of attendees to 3,480, the highest number of attendees recorded since 2019. The Business Opportunity Networking Day (BONDay) attracted 1,535 attendees and offering a dedicated session for networking and collaboration ahead of the main event. The number of exhibiting companies also rose to 382 in 2024 from 355 in 2023, demonstrating the show's power in attracting exhibitors. Meanwhile, the number of buyers also achieved significant growth, with a total of 371 buyers attending the show, highlighting the event’s effectiveness in drawing key decision-makers and influencers within the industry.

2024年非洲国际会议展览与会者众多  Attendees in Meetings Africa 2024


The successful holding of Meetings Africa 2024 has not only injected new vitality into the conference and exhibition tourism industry of the African continent, but also opened a new chapter in the promotion of cooperation and sustainable development. Looking into the future, we have reason to believe that Meetings Africa will continue to play its unique role and contribute more to the development of tourism in Africa and the world.

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